Title Primary Author Date Media
A dictionary of alchemical imagery Abraham, Lyndy 1998 Paperback
Robert Wilson from Within: Catalogue Raisonné Abramovic, Marina 2011 Hardcover
A glossary of literary terms Abrams, M. H. 1981 Paperback
Chatterton Ackroyd, Peter 1987 Hardcover
Thames : the biography Ackroyd, Peter 2009 Paperback
Critical theory since Plato Adams, Hazard 1971 Hardcover
Beginning to read : thinking and learning about print Adams, Marilyn Jager 1994 Paperback
Twenty years at Hull-House : with autobiographical notes Addams, Jane 1998 Paperback
The rise of modern prose style Adolph, Robert 1968 Hardcover
The new American poetry, 1945-1960 Allen, Donald Merriam 1999 Paperback
Background to danger Ambler, Eric 2001 Paperback
Everyday drinking : the distilled Kingsley Amis Amis, Kingsley 2008 Paperback
One fat Englishman Amis, Kingsley 2013 Paperback
The King's English : a guide to modern usage Amis, Kingsley 1997 Paperback
The old devils : by Kingsley Amis ; introduction by John Banville Amis, Kingsley 2012 Paperback
Money : A suicide note Amis, Martin 1986 Paperback
Time's arrow, or, The nature of the offense Amis, Martin 1991 Paperback
Collected poems, 1951-1971 Ammons, A. R. 1972 Paperback
Garbage Ammons, A. R. 1995 Paperback
Winesburg, Ohio Anderson, Sherwood 1997 Paperback
You alone are real to me : remembering Rainer Maria Rilke Andreas-Salom Lou 2003 Hardcover
The hundred brothers Antrim, Donald 1998 Paperback
The Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter Arbiter, Petronius 1934 Hardcover
Passions and Tempers: A History of the Humours Arikha, Noga 2008 Paperback
Lessons in classical drawing : essential techniques from inside the Atelier Aristides, Juliette 2012 Paper Book
The art of rhetoric Aristotle., 1991 Paperback
Self-portrait in a convex mirror : poems Ashbery, John 1976 Paperback
Mimesis : the representation of reality in Western literature Auerbach, Erich 2003 Paperback
The confessions Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. 2001 Hardcover
Emma Austen, Jane 1966 Paper Book
Northanger Abbey Austen, Jane 1972 Paperback
The invention of solitude Auster, Paul 1988 Paperback
The New York trilogy Auster, Paul 1990 Paperback
Timbuktu a novel Auster, Paul 1999 Paperback
Essays in stylistic analysis Babb, Howard S. 1972 Paperback
Truffaut Baecque, Antoine de 1999 Hardcover
Jung : a biography Bair, Deirdre 2003 Paperback
Samuel Beckett : a biography Bair, Deirdre 1990 Paperback
Double fold : libraries and the assault on paper Baker, Nicholson 2001 Hardcover
The Fermata Baker, Nicholson 1995 Paperback
U and I : a true story Baker, Nicholson 1998 Paper Book
Lives of the monster dogs : a novel Bakis, Kirsten 1997 Paperback
Louise in love : poems Bang, Mary Jo 2001 Paperback
Coffee and repartee and The idiot Bangs, John Kendrick 1899 Hardcover
The craft of bookbinding Banister, Manly Miles 1993 Paperback
The wasp factory Banks, Iain 1990 Paperback
Affliction Banks, Russell 1989 Paperback
Rule of the bone : a novel Banks, Russell 1995 Paperback
The sweet hereafter : a novel Banks, Russell 1991 Hardcover
Birchwood Banville, John 2007 Paperback
Eclipse Banville, John 2000 Hardcover
Eclipse Banville, John 2002 Paperback
Ghosts Banville, John 1994 Paperback
Mefisto : a novel Banville, John 1999 Paperback
Mefisto : a novel Banville, John 1999 Paperback
Shroud Banville, John 2002 Paperback
The book of evidence Banville, John 2001 Paperback
The sea Banville, John 2005 Hardcover
The Untouchable Banville, John 1997 Hardcover
Aspects of contemporary book design Barker, Andrew 2013 Paperback
Ryder: with illustrations by the author and an afterword by Paul West Barnes, Djuna 1990 Paperback
Arthur & George : [a novel] Barnes, Julian 2007 Paperback
Cross channel : [stories] Barnes, Julian 1997 Paperback
Metroland Barnes, Julian 1992 Paperback
The porcupine Barnes, Julian 1993 Paperback
The Anchor book of Chinese poetry Barnstone, Tony 2005 Paperback
Grammar and good taste : reforming the American language Baron, Dennis E. 1982 Hardcover
Margaret Ogilvy Barrie, J. M. 1896 Hardcover
City of Bohane Barry, Kevin 2013 Paperback
Cruddy : an illustrated novel Barry, Lynda 1999 Paperback
Everything. Volume 1, Collected and uncollected comics from around 1978-1982 Barry, Lynda 2011 Hardcover
One hundred demons Barry, Lynda 2002 Hardcover
Picture this Barry, Lynda 2010 Hardcover
The Freddie stories Barry, Lynda 1999 Paperback
The good times are killing me Barry, Lynda 1998 Paperback
The greatest of Marlys! Barry, Lynda 2000 Paperback
What it is Barry, Lynda 2008 Hardcover
The advertising concept book : think now, design later : a complete guide to creative ideas, strategies and campaigns Barry, Pete 2012 Paperback
Lost in the funhouse : fiction for print, tape, live voice Barth, John 1988 Paperback
The sot-weed factor Barth, John 1987 Paperback
Forty stories Barthelme, Donald 1987 Hardcover
Sixty stories Barthelme, Donald 1993 Paperback
Snow white Barthelme, Donald 1996 Paperback
Bob the Gambler Barthelme, Frederick 1998 Paperback
Incidents Barthes, Roland 1992 Paperback
The rustle of language Barthes, Roland 1989 Paperback
Teacher in America Barzun, Jacques 1945 Paperback
A gentle madness : bibliophiles, bibliomanes, and the eternal passion for books : with a new preface Basbanes, Nicholas A. 1999 Paperback
Among the gently mad : perspectives and strategies for the book hunter in the twenty-first century Basbanes, Nicholas A. 2002 Hardcover
Patience & fortitude : a roving chronicle of book people, book places, and book culture Basbanes, Nicholas A. 2001 Paperback
The watch: stories Bass, Rick 1994 Paperback
John Keats Bate, Walter Jackson 1979 Paperback
Library : an unquiet history Battles, Matthew 2003 Paperback
Baudelaire in English Baudelaire, Charles 1997 Paperback
Paris Spleen, 1869 Baudelaire, Charles 1970 Paperback
The printer of modern life and other essays Baudelaire, Charles 1995 Paperback
The to sound Baus, Eric 2004 Paperback
Good Evening Mr. and Mrs. America, and All the Ships at Sea: Novel, A Bausch, Richard 1997 Paperback
Someone to Watch Over Me: Stories Bausch, Richard 2000 Paperback
Believers : a novella and stories Baxter, Charles 1998 Paperback
The feast of love Baxter, Charles 2000 Hardcover
The lost language of symbolism Bayley, Harold 2006 Paperback
The Norton anthology of American literature Baym, Nina 2007 Paperback
The Norton anthology of American literature Baym, Nina 2007 Paperback
The Norton anthology of American literature Baym, Nina 2007 Paperback
The Norton anthology of American literature Baym, Nina 2007 Paperback
The Norton anthology of American literature Baym, Nina 2007 Paperback
SPQR : a history of ancient Rome Beard, Mary 2016 Paperback
Hark! : a vagrant Beaton, Kate 2011 Hardcover
Chilly scenes of winter Beattie, Ann 1976 Hardcover
Distortions Beattie, Ann 1976 Paperback
Love always : a novel Beattie, Ann 1985 Paperback
Picturing Will Beattie, Ann 1990 Paperback
The New Yorker : stories Beattie, Ann 2010 Hardcover
Mastering the art of French cooking Beck, Simone 1961 Hardcover
Collected poems 1930-1978 Beckett, Samuel 1984 Paperback
Collected shorter plays Beckett, Samuel 1984 Paperback
Dream of fair to middling women Beckett, Samuel 1993 Paper Book
Krapp's last tape, and other dramatic pieces Beckett, Samuel 1960 Paperback
Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable: A trilogy Beckett, Samuel 1959 Paperback
More pricks than kicks Beckett, Samuel 1972 Paperback
Murphy Beckett, Samuel 2005 Paperback
Nohow on : three novels Beckett, Samuel 1996 Paperback
Nouvelles et textes pour rien Beckett, Samuel 1958 Paperback
Proust Beckett, Samuel 1931 Paperback
Stories & texts for nothing Beckett, Samuel 1967 Paperback
The complete short prose, 1929-1989 Beckett, Samuel 1995 Paperback
Three novels : Molloy; Malone dies; The unnamable Beckett, Samuel Paperback
Waiting for Godot : tragicomedy in two acts Beckett, Samuel 1954 Paperback
Watt Beckett, Samuel Paperback
The winter zoo : a novel Beckman, John 2002 Hardcover
The romance of Tristan and Iseult Bédier, Joseph 1994 Paperback
Herzog Bellow, Saul 1964 Hardcover
The adventures of Augie March Bellow, Saul 1995 Hardcover
The adventures of Augie March Bellow, Saul 2006 Paperback
The rule of St. Benedict in English Benedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino. 1998 Paperback
New Latin grammar Bennett, Charles E. 1994 Paperback
To the wedding : a novel Berger, John 1995 Hardcover
Ways of seeing : based on the BBC television series with John Berger Berger, John 1972 Paperback
The hedgehog and the fox : an essay on Tolstoy's view of history Berlin, Isaiah 2013 Paperback
Berryman's Shakespeare Berryman, John 1999 Paperback
Collected poems 1937 - 1971 Berryman, John 1991 Paperback
Henry's fate & other poems, 1967-1972 Berryman, John 1977 Hardcover
His toy, his dream, his rest; 308 dream songs Berryman, John 1968 Hardcover
The Dream Songs: Poems Berryman, John 1982 Paperback
Atom Parlor Bienvenu, Joseph 2010 Paperback
Man-of-war Biesty, Stephen 1993 Hardcover
The Oxford companion to English literature Birch, Dinah 2009 Paper Book
Christine Falls : a novel Black, Benjamin 2006 Hardcover
The lemur Black, Benjamin 2008 Paperback
Wolf on a string : a novel Black, Benjamin 2017 Hardcover
The Oxford book of days Blackburn, Bonnie J. 2000 Paperback
Blake's poetry and designs : authoritative texts, illuminations in color and monochrome, related prose, criticism Blake, William 1979 Paperback
Songs of innocence and of experience Blake, William 1991 Hardcover
Auricula meretricula Blondell, Ruby 1993 Paperback
Beyond the writers' workshop : new ways to write creative nonfiction Bly, Carol 2001 Paperback
Eating the honey of words : new and selected poems Bly, Robert 1999 Hardcover
All the tea in China : which tells how Carolus Mortdecai Van Cleef set out to seek his fortune in London Town, on the high seas, in India, the treaty ports of China and even in darkest Africa, and how he found it predictably, in a place which [h]as no longitude and precious little latitude Bonfiglioli, Kyril 2008 Hardcover
The Mortdecai trilogy Bonfiglioli, Kyril 2001 Paperback
Poems, 1959-1975 Bonnefoy, Yves 1985 Hardcover
Widening the road : stories Bonnie, Fred 2000 Paperback
The Norton introduction to literature Booth, Alison 2010 Hardcover
A rhetoric of irony Booth, Wayne C. 1974 Hardcover
A rhetoric of irony Booth, Wayne C. 1974 Hardcover
The rhetoric of fiction Booth, Wayne C. 1973 Hardcover
The man outside : the prose works Borchert, Wolfgang 1952 Hardcover
Labyrinths : selected stories & other writings Borges, Jorge Luis 2007 Paperback
Lives for sale : biographers' tales Bostridge, Mark 2004 Paperback
Planet of the apes Boulle, Pierre 1963 Hardcover
Out in the world : selected letters of Jane Bowles, 1935-1970 Bowles, Jane Auer 1985 Paperback
Collected stories, 1939-1976 Bowles, Paul 1979 Paperback
The sheltering sky Bowles, Paul 1949 Paperback
Let the dog drive : a novel Bowman, David 1992 Hardcover
World's end : a novel Boyle, T. Coraghessan 1987 Hardcover
Modernism 1890-1930 Bradbury, Malcolm (editor) 1991 Paperback
Dream of the wolf : stories Bradfield, Scott 1990 Hardcover
Richard Brautigan's Trout fishing in America ; The pill versus the Springhill mine disaster ; and, In watermelon sugar Brautigan, Richard 1989 Paperback
The Bloom County library Breathed, Berke 2009 Hardcover
Life of Galileo Brecht, Bertolt 1994 Paperback
The elements of typographic style Bringhurst, Robert 2005 Paperback
Charlatan : America's most dangerous huckster, the man who pursued him, and the age of flimflam Brock, Pope 2008 Hardcover
The truth about Celia Brockmeier, Kevin 2003 Hardcover
Things that fall from the sky Brockmeier, Kevin 2002 Paperback
First love and other sorrows Brodkey, Harold 1957 Paperback
Stories in an almost classical mode Brodkey, Harold 1989 Paperback
The World Is the Home of Love and Death Brodkey, Harold 1998 Paperback
The world is the home of love and death : stories Brodkey, Harold 1997 Hardcover
Less than one : selected essays Brodsky, Joseph 1986 Hardcover
Manly writing : gender, rhetoric, and the rise of composition Brody, Miriam 1993 Hardcover
People of the book : a novel Brooks, Geraldine 2008 Paperback
Selected poems Brooks, Gwendolyn 1963 Paperback
Cosmopolitan criticism : Oscar Wilde's philosophy of art Brown, Julia Prewitt 1997 Paperback
Dirty work : a novel Brown, Larry 1990 Paperback
Joe Brown, Larry 1991 Paperback
Understanding illuminated manuscripts : a guide to technical terms Brown, Michelle 1994 Paperback
Literacies : reading, writing, interpretation Brunk, Terence 2000 Paperback
Our nation's archive : the history of the United States in documents Bruun, Erik A. 1999 Hardcover
Prose of the Victorian period Buckler, William Earl 1958 Paperback
You get so alone at times that it just makes sense Bukowski, Charles 1986 Paperback
Thinking medieval : an introduction to the study of the Middle Ages Bull, Marcus Graham 2005 Paperback
Earthly powers Burgess, Anthony 2004 Paperback
The end of the world news Burgess, Anthony 1983 Hardcover
The wanting seed Burgess, Anthony 1996 Paperback
The new best recipe Burgoyne, John 2004 Hardcover
A philosophical enquiry into the origin of our ideas of the sublime and beautiful : and other pre-revolutionary writings Burke, Edmund 1998 Paperback
The incredible journey Burnford, Sheila 1961 Hardcover
Selected poems of Robert Burns Burns, Robert 1891 Hardcover
Last words : the final journals of William S. Burroughs Burroughs, William S. 2000 Hardcover
The wild boys : a book of the dead Burroughs, William S. 1992 Paperback
The Richard Burton Diaries Burton, Richard 2013 Paperback
Absent friends Busch, Frederick 1991 Paperback
Children in the Woods Busch, Frederick 1995 Paperback
Closing arguments Busch, Frederick 1991 Hardcover
Don't tell anyone Busch, Frederick 2000 Hardcover
Harry and Catherine: A Love Story Busch, Frederick 2000 Paperback
Hawkes: a guide to his fictions Busch, Frederick 1973 Hardcover
Manual labor; a novel Busch, Frederick 1974 Hardcover
Rounds Busch, Frederick 1979 Hardcover
Dictionary of the tarot Butler, Bill 1975 Paperback
Erewhon : or, Over the range Butler, Samuel 1932 Paper Book
Luck, or cunning as the main means of organic modification? Butler, Samuel 1922 Hardcover
The postman always rings twice Cain, James M. 1992 Paperback
Habermas and the public sphere Calhoun, Craig J. 1999 Paperback
If on a winter's night a traveler Calvino, Italo 1981 Paperback
Six memos for the next millennium Calvino, Italo 1993 Paperback
The baron in the trees Calvino, Italo 1959 Paperback
The castle of crossed destinies Calvino, Italo 1979 Paper Book
Biology Campbell, Neil A. 2009 Hardcover
Auto-da-f Canetti, Elias 1984 Paperback
Notes from Hampstead : the writer's notes, 1954-1971 Canetti, Elias 1998 Paper Book
The tongue set free : remembrance of a European childhood Canetti, Elias 1979 Hardcover
For kings and planets Canin, Ethan 1999 Paperback
Bushcraft 101 Canterbury, Dave 2014 Paperback
In cold blood : a true account of a multiple murder and its consequences Capote, Truman 1994 Paperback
Illywhacker : a novel Carey, Peter 1996 Paperback
My life as a fake : a novel Carey, Peter 2003 Hardcover
My life as a fake : a novel Carey, Peter 2005 Paperback
Parrot and Olivier in America Carey, Peter 2010 Hardcover
The chemistry of tears Carey, Peter 2012 Hardcover
Theft : a love story Carey, Peter 2007 Paperback
Paul Bowles : a life Carr, Virginia Spencer 2004 Hardcover
Alice's adventures in Wonderland Carroll, Lewis 1946 Hardcover
Ludovici Carroll Alicia in Terra Mirabili. Liber notissimus primum abhinc annis centum editus Carroll, Lewis 1964 Hardcover
Through the looking-glass and what Alice found there Carroll, Lewis 1946 Hardcover
Scrambled eggs & whiskey : poems, 1991-1995 Carruth, Hayden 1996 Paperback
The medieval craft of memory : an anthology of texts and pictures Carruthers, Mary 2002 Paper Book
The book of memory : a study of memory in medieval culture Carruthers, Mary J. 2008 Paperback
Glass, irony, and God Carson, Anne 1995 Paperback
ABC for book collectors Carter, John 1995 Paper Book
Printing and the mind of man: a descriptive catalogue illustrating the impact of print on the evolution of Western civilization during five centuries Carter, John 1967 Hardcover
Anthony Blunt : his lives Carter, Miranda 2001 Hardcover
Cathedral stories Carver, Raymond 1989 Paperback
The Norton anthology of short fiction Cassill, R. V. 1995 Paperback
Bird song : biological themes and variations Catchpole, Clive K. 1995 Hardcover
The Poems of Gaius Valerius Catullus Catullus, Gaius Valerius 2013 Paperback
Before time could change them : the complete poems of Constantine P. Cavafy ; translated with an introduction and notes by Theoharis Constantine Theoharis Cavafy, Constantine 2001 Hardcover
Collected poems Cavafy, Constantine 1992 Paperback
The ingenious gentleman Don Quixote de La Mancha Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de 1949 Hardcover
Maps and legends : reading and writing along the borderlands Chabon, Michael 2008 Hardcover
The amazing adventures of Kavalier and Clay Chabon, Michael 2001 Paperback
The amazing adventures of Kavalier and Clay : a novel Chabon, Michael 2000 Hardcover
The amazing adventures of the Escapist Chabon, Michael 2004 Paperback
The final solution : a story of detection Chabon, Michael 2005 Paperback
Cataloging and classification : an introduction Chan, Lois Mai 2007 Paperback
Farewell, my lovely Chandler , Raymond 1992 Paperback
Collected stories Chandler, Raymond 2002 Hardcover
The big sleep ; & Farewell, my lovely Chandler, Raymond 1995 Hardcover
The long goodbye Chandler, Raymond 1992 Paperback
The Raymond Chandler papers : selected letters and non-fiction, 1909-1959 Chandler, Raymond 2000 Hardcover
A short history of the printed word Chappell, Warren 1999 Paperback
The order of books : readers, authors, and libraries in Europe between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries Chartier, Roger 1994 Paperback
Going into town : a love letter to New York Chast, Roz 2017 Hardcover
Edinburgh Chee, Alexander 2002 Paperback
Oh what a paradise it seems Cheever, John 1982 Hardcover
The letters of John Cheever Cheever, John 1988 Hardcover
The stories of John Cheever Cheever, John 1978 Hardcover
The Wapshot scandal Cheever, John 1964 Hardcover
Designing type Cheng, Karen 2005 Paper Book
Logical chess move by move Chernev, Irving 1998 Paperback
Exhalation : stories Chiang, Ted 2019 Hardcover
The English and Scottish popular ballads Child, Francis James 2003 Paperback
The English and Scottish popular ballads Child, Francis James 2003 Paperback
The English and Scottish popular ballads Child, Francis James 2003 Paperback
The English and Scottish popular ballads Child, Francis James 2003 Paperback
The English and Scottish popular ballads Child, Francis James 2003 Paperback
Modernism Childs, Peter 2000 Paperback
Notes toward a new rhetoric; six essays for teachers Christensen, Francis 1967 Paperback
Occult Paris : the lost magic of the Belle oque Churton, Tobias 2016 Hardcover
On the good life; [selected writings of] Cicero Cicero, Marcus Tullius 1971 Paperback
Journey to the end of the night Cine, Louis-Ferdinand 1983 Paperback
Rigadoon Cine, Louis-Ferdinand 1997 Paperback
Get happy : the life of Judy Garland Clarke, Gerald 2000 Hardcover
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Clarke, Susanna 2004 Hardcover
Mackellar, Smiths & Jordan : typographic tastemakers of the late nineteenth century Clouse, Doug 2008 Hardcover
Ice Haven : Clowes, Daniel 2005 Hardcover
The ideal book, or book beautiful. A tract on calligraphy, printing and illustration and on the book beautiful as a whole Cobden-Sanderson, T. J. 1929 Hardcover
Bookbinding, and the care of books : a text-book for bookbinders and librarians Cockerell, Douglas 1924 Hardcover
Seventeenth-century prose and poetry Coffin, Robert P. Tristram 1946 Hardcover
Break of day Colette, 1966 Hardcover
The golem : what you should know about science Collins, H. M. 1998 Paperback
The two forgers : a biography of Harry Buxton Forman & Thomas James Wise Collins, John 1992 Hardcover
Sixpence House : lost in a town of books Collins, Paul 2003 Paperback
Hypnerotomachia Poliphili : the strife of love in a dream Colonna, Francesco 1999 Hardcover
Rhetoric in the European tradition Conley, Thomas M. 1994 Paperback
History of the restoration and conservation of works of art Conti, Alessandro 2007 Paper Book
History of the restoration and conservation of works of art Conti, Alessandro 2007 Paperback
Frisk Cooper, Dennis 1991 Paperback
God JR. Cooper, Dennis 2005 Paperback
An illustrated encyclopaedia of traditional symbols Cooper, J. C. 1990 Paperback
A night at the movies, or, You must remember this : fictions Coover, Robert 1997 Paperback
Pricksongs & descants : fictions Coover, Robert 1969 Hardcover
The public burning Coover, Robert 1997 Paperback
Classical rhetoric for the modern student Corbett, Edward P. J. 1971 Hardcover
Lancelot of the Lake Corley, Corin F. V. 1989 Paperback
Writers at work : the Paris review interviews Cowley, Malcolm 1967 Hardcover
Dashing Diamond Dick and other classic dime novels Cox, J. Randolph 2007 Paperback
Being dead Crace, Jim 2000 Hardcover
The Revisionist & The Astropastorals: Collected Poems Crase, Douglas 2019 Hardcover
Some instructions Crawford, Stanley G. 1985 Paper Book
Hello ; a journal, February 29-May 3, 1976 Creeley, Robert 1978 Paperback
Life & Death Creeley, Robert 2000 Paperback
The collected essays of Robert Creeley Creeley, Robert 1989 Hardcover
The collected poems of Robert Creeley, 1945-1975 Creeley, Robert 1982 Paperback
The naked civil servant Crisp, Quentin 1997 Paperback
Beowulf Crossley-Holland, Kevin 1968 Paperback
Aegypt Crowley, John 1987 Hardcover
Beasts Crowley, John 1976 Paperback
Conjunctions: 46, Selected Subversions: Essays on the World at Large Crowley, John 2006 Paperback
DAEMONOMANIA (Aegypt Cycle; Vol. 3) Crowley, John 2008 Paperback
Endless Things (The Aegypt Cycle, Book 4) Crowley, John 2009 Paperback
Endless things : a part of Ægypt Crowley, John 2007 Hardcover
Little, big Crowley, John 1981 Paperback
Love & Sleep (Aegypt) Crowley, John 2008 Paperback
Novelties & souvenirs : collected short fiction Crowley, John 2004 Paperback
Novelty Crowley, John 1989 Paperback
The translator Crowley, John 2002 Hardcover
How language works : how babies babble, words change meaning, and languages live or die Crystal, David 2006 Hardcover
The fight for English Crystal, David 2007 Paperback
The stories of English Crystal, David 2004 Hardcover
On deconstruction : theory and criticism after structuralism Culler, Jonathan D. 1982 Hardcover
Conservation of library materials; a manual and bibliography on the care, repair, and restoration of library materials Cunha, George Daniel Martin 1971 Hardcover
How to be a hermit Cuppy, Will 1929 Hardcover
Strong measures : contemporary American poetry in traditional forms Dacey, Philip 1986 Paperback
Storytown : stories Daitch, Susan 1996 Paperback
The divine comedy : the Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso Dante Alighieri, 1948 Hardcover
The flat world and education : how America's commitment to equity will determine our future Darling-Hammond, Linda 2010 Paperback
Charles Darwin's letters : a selection, 1825-1859 Darwin, Charles 1996 Paper Book
On the origin of species Darwin, Charles 1964 Paperback
The descent of man, and selection in relation to sex Darwin, Charles 1981 Paperback
The portable Darwin Darwin, Charles 1993 Paperback
Voyage of the Beagle : Charles Darwin's Journal of researches Darwin, Charles 1989 Paperback
Objectivity Daston, Lorraine 2007 Hardcover
Things that talk : object lessons from art and science Daston, Lorraine 2008 Paperback
The geography of the imagination : forty essays Davenport, Guy 1997 Paperback
An omelette and a glass of wine David, Elizabeth 1997 Paperback
Magic : a very short introduction Davies, Owen 2012 Paperback
Humanism Davies, Tony 1997 Paperback
The end of the story Davis, Lydia 2004 Paperback
The blind watchmaker : why the evidence of evolution reveals a universe without design Dawkins, Richard 1996 Paperback
The selfish gene Dawkins, Richard 1989 Paperback
How Proust can change your life De Botton, Alain 1998 Paperback
Scribes and illuminators De Hamel, Christopher 1992 Paperback
The book : a history of the Bible De Hamel, Christopher 2001 Hardcover
Robinson Crusoe Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731 Paperback
Libra DeLillo, Don 1988 Hardcover
Love-lies-bleeding : a play DeLillo, Don 2005 Paperback
The names DeLillo, Don 1989 Paperback
Underworld DeLillo, Don 1997 Hardcover
Parody Dentith, Simon 2000 Paperback
Counterplay : an anthropologist at the chessboard Desjarlais, Robert R. 2011 Hardcover
Darwin Desmond, Adrian J. 1994 Paperback
Huxley : from devil's disciple to evolution's high priest Desmond, Adrian J. 1997 Hardcover
The unfolding of language : an evolutionary tour of mankind's greatest invention Deutscher, Dr. Guy 2005 Hardcover
The watercolor book : materials and techniques for today's artist Dewey, David 1995 Paperback
Drown Díaz, Junot 1996 Paperback
The last Sherlock Holmes story Dibdin, Michael 1996 Paperback
Selected stories of Philip K. Dick Dick, Philip K. 2002 Hardcover
Drinking with Dickens Dickens, Cedric Charles 1980 Paperback
Hard times : an authoritative text, backgrounds, sources, and contemporary reactions, criticism Dickens, Charles 1966 Paperback
Nicholas Nickleby Dickens, Charles 1993 Hardcover
Sketches by Boz Dickens, Charles 1995 Paperback
The old curiosity shop Dickens, Charles 2000 Paperback
Poems, 1957-1967 Dickey, James 1978 Paperback
Briefe an Sophie Voland Diderot, Denis 1904 Hardcover
Jacques the fatalist and his master Diderot, Denis 1999 Paperback
L'Encyclope : [recueil de planches, sur les sciences, les arts libux, et les arts maniques, avec leur explication], Anatomie Diderot, Denis 2001 Paperback
A book of common prayer Didion, Joan 1977 Hardcover
Miami Didion, Joan 1987 Hardcover
Salvador Didion, Joan 1983 Hardcover
Slouching towards Bethlehem Didion, Joan 2000 Hardcover
The white album Didion, Joan 1990 Paperback
Bookbinding, its background and technique Diehl, Edith 1980 Paperback
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek Dillard, Annie 1974 Hardcover
The writing life Dillard, Annie 1989 Paperback
You are not I : a portrait of Paul Bowles Dillon, Millicent 1998 Paperback
Fall & rise : a novel Dixon, Stephen 1985 Hardcover
Frog : a novel Dixon, Stephen 1997 Paperback
Gould : a novel in two novels Dixon, Stephen 1997 Hardcover
I : a novel Dixon, Stephen 2002 Paper Book
The stories of Stephen Dixon Dixon, Stephen 1994 Hardcover
The Wrestler's Cruel Study Dobyns, Stephen 1995 Paperback
John Donne's poetry : authoritative texts, criticism Donne, John 1992 Paperback
Selected prose Donne, John 1967 Hardcover
The complete English poems Donne, John 1991 Hardcover
The Dore Bible Illustrations Dore, Gustave 1974 Paperback
Demons : a novel in three parts Dostoyevsky, Fyodor 1994 Paperback
The Brothers Karamazov : the Constance Garnett translation revised by Ralph E. Matlaw : backgrounds and sources, essays in criticism Dostoyevsky, Fyodor 1976 Paperback
Still life with oysters and lemon Doty, Mark 2002 Paperback
Exploits and adventures of Brigadier Gerard Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan 2001 Paperback
His last bow : a reminiscence of Sherlock Holmes Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan 1994 Hardcover
Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan 1994 Hardcover
The case book of Sherlock Holmes Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan 1994 Hardcover
The new annotated Sherlock Holmes Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan 2005 Hardcover
The new annotated Sherlock Holmes : the novels Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan 2006 Hardcover
The return of Sherlock Holmes Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan 1994 Hardcover
The sign of four Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan 2001 Paperback
Broken vessels Dubus, Andre 1991 Paperback
Dancing after hours : stories Dubus, Andre 1996 Paperback
Meditations from a movable chair : essays Dubus, Andre 1999 Paperback
The times are never so bad : a novella & eight short stories Dubus, Andre 1983 Paperback
A history of private life. 2, Revelations of the medieval world / Georges Duby, ed Duby, Georges 1988 Paperback
The age of the cathedrals : art and society, 980-1420 Duby, Georges 1983 Paperback
Art Nouveau and Art Deco bookbinding : French masterpieces, 1880-1940 Duncan, Alastair 1989 Hardcover
Riffs & reciprocities : prose pairs Dunn, Stephen 1998 Hardcover
The lover Duras, Marguerite 1985 Hardcover
British bookbinding today Duval, Kulgin Dalby 1975 Paperback
Marcel Dzama : sower of discord Dzama, Marcel 2013 Hardcover
Figures of dissent : critical essays on Fish, Spivak, Žižek and others Eagleton, Terry 2005 Paperback
Holy terror Eagleton, Terry 2005 Hardcover
How to read a poem Eagleton, Terry 2007 Paperback
How to read literature Eagleton, Terry 2013 Hardcover
Literary theory an introduction Eagleton, Terry 1996 Paperback
Saint Oscar and other plays Eagleton, Terry 1997 Paperback
The english novel : an introduction Eagleton, Terry 2005 Paperback
The function of criticism Eagleton, Terry 2005 Paperback
William Shakespeare Eagleton, Terry 1986 Paperback
Art and beauty in the Middle Ages Eco, Umberto 2002 Paperback
Experiences in translation Eco, Umberto 2001 Paperback
Foucault's pendulum Eco, Umberto 1989 Hardcover
The name of the rose Eco, Umberto 1994 Paperback
The search for the perfect language Eco, Umberto 1997 Hardcover
The Teachers & Writers guide to classic American literature Edgar, Christopher 2001 Paperback
Drawing on the right side of the brain Edwards, Betty 2012 Paperback
Drawing on the right side of the brain workbook Edwards, Betty 2012 Paperback
A heartbreaking work of staggering genius Eggers, Dave 2001 Paperback
McSweeney's No. 11 Eggers, Dave 2003 Hardcover
Twilight of the superheroes Eisenberg, Deborah 2007 Paper Book
Under the 82nd Airborne Eisenberg, Deborah 1992 Hardcover
What is English? Elbow, Peter 1990 Paperback
Four quartets Eliot, T. S. 1943 Paperback
Murder in the cathedral Eliot, T. S. 1937 Hardcover
Notes towards the definition of culture Eliot, T. S. 1949 Hardcover
Old Possum's book of practical cats Eliot, T. S. 1939 Paperback
Selected essays Eliot, T. S. 1950 Hardcover
Selected poems Eliot, T. S. 1964 Paperback
Criers & kibitzers, kibitzers & criers Elkin, Stanley 2000 Paperback
Searches and seizures : 3 novellas Elkin, Stanley 1980 Paperback
The Dick Gibson show Elkin, Stanley 1998 Paperback
The franchiser Elkin, Stanley 1976 Paperback
The magic kingdom Elkin, Stanley 1991 Paperback
What happened to art criticism? Elkins, James 2003 Paperback
Eighteenth-century critical essays Elledge, Scott 1961 Hardcover
Yeats : the man and the masks Ellman, Richard 1949 Hardcover
Oscar Wilde Ellmann, Richard 1987 Hardcover
The modern tradition; backgrounds of modern literature Ellmann, Richard 1965 Hardcover
Yeats, the man and the masks Ellmann, Richard 1979 Paperback
Emerson on transcendentalism Emerson, Ralph Waldo 1986 Paperback
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Elegy Levis, Larry 1997 Paperback
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